God/Black Theodicy: God and Human Suffering
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Do you know what a "Lynching Calendar" is?
What does theodicy mean?
How does the history of the Negro go together with Christianity?
Receive your copy today and answer all of these for yourself!

Book Reviews:
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 "I found the subject and topics of this book to be pin point and right-on in addressing the key issues of spirituality that those of African heritage faced today... Dr. Scott strongly and preciously addresses each issue ranging from racism, to the loss of our once proud and successful black community and our self identity, and the social, cultural spiritual, decline that is now its result... Dr. Scott does an excellent job of citing references from biblical scripture... I strongly recommend this book to anyone concerned with our people today and believes that God through his son Jesus Christ is the only answer to the problems we face... I look forward in the future as the Holy Spirit continues to direct the insights of this great and caring man of God."

-David E. Elllington                      {March, 2013}
“ It was great the way he gives God “kudos” at the beginning of the book.. THIS BOOK help us realize who we are… we’ve lost religion among our young people and murder now… The church was the connection between us… 
I just read so much, it was so good.. WHAT A GIFT, WHAT A GIFT!!”

-MR. John Henry ,Resident of West Oakland
{March, 2013}

I love the book. The pastor sure do tell the truth. I love it!
-Gaila Brook, Oakland Technical High School Track & Field Coach
{May, 2013}
"Great book, only read (1) chapter, couldn’t put it down.
Very interesting. Definitely can relate – You need to have experienced a lot of things in the book to understand where the writer is coming from. It’s a must read for my grandson. It kept my attention for a long time, not many book do.

-Deloris Dawson        {March, 2013}
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Congradulations, Dr. Scott, in completing your 2nd Doctoral Degree in Religious Studies
Have you received your copy of Dr. Scott's 2nd book:
"GOD Behind the Scenes: From Niggas to African Americans"
Have you received your copy of Dr. Scott's 1st book:
"GOD/Black Theodicy: GOD & Human Suffering"
Now comes this explosive, eye-opening pamphlet
"...insightful, enlightening book that challenges the long-held misconceptions and reveals the Truth..."
Audry Smith
"This book has changed my view of the Bible and how inaccurately the Bible has been used to portray Blacks."
David Fields
"This book has helped me realize who I am. I am a Negro."
Adrienne Brown
"Reading this made me think about who I really am as a Black woman...I'm NOT a minority."
Loretta George
"...an educational masterpiece for the 21st century."
Carolyn Caldwell
"The material in this is stinging to collective American consciousness."
Edwina Smith
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Did you know, "...Ethiopia shall soon spread forth her wings..."
Check out Rev. Dr. Scott's interview by AuthorsPress at the LA Festival of Book at USC, April 13, 2019
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